With over a decade of professional development experience, Ben Smith and Jared Mader have been working to provide educators with resources to assist in the successful infusion of technology into their classrooms.

We hope to see you at one of the conferences listed below or CONTACT US to schedule a workshop in your own area.  We can work with you and your organization to build an effective and dynamic professional development program, catered to meet the specific needs of your group.


Our goal is to help educators infuse technology into their curriculum in meaningful ways.  Here are some ways that we can help:

  1. BulletProvide strategies and pedagogical shifts to infuse technology into the classroom.

  2. BulletCreate templates for teachers/students to help facilitate the shift to the digital age classroom.

  3. BulletCreate step-by-step tutorials (text or video) on tool use.

  4. BulletAssist in planning technology purchases at the organizational level.

  5. BulletHelp develop a philosophy or vision of technology use within a district or organization.

  6. BulletBring an enthusiasm to your staff regarding technology infusion into all organizational areas.

Recent & Upcoming Presentations

  1. BulletISTE 2016, Denver, CO - June 2016

  2. BulletNSTA 2016, Nashville, TN - April 2016

  3. BulletPETE&C 2016, Hershey, PA - February 2014

  4. BulletISTE 2015, Philadelphia, PA - June 2015

ETI News...

  1. BulletCONGRATULATIONS... Ben has been awarded a Making IT Happen Jacket.  The award is an internationally recognized program for educators and leaders in the field of educational technology in K-12 schools.

  1. BulletMR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON... Ben participated in an NCTET event which included a panel discussion and teaching a mini lesson to congressional staff.

  1. BulletCOACHING... Ben is a co-author on the recently release ISTE white paper on coaching called Coaching, Technology, and Community.  Click here to download.

  2. BulletETI GOES INTERNATIONAL... Recently, Ben worked with the Ministry of Education in Singapore to train a leadership cadre who were developing an ICT mentoring program.  He also travelled to St. Thomas to work with the private schools located there.  Jared represented ISTE at the Global Forum on Technology & Innovation in Teaching and Leading in Dubai, UAE.

  3. BulletSCIENCE SPECIALISTS...  We also serve as the Science Curriculum Specialists for Learning and Leading, ISTE’s flagship journal.  Click here to read some of our most recent work.  Most recently, we’ve worked with NASA to develop an iBook for teachers to compliment the MMS Mission Launch student activities.

  1. BulletIN THE NEWS...  Ben was recently featured for two interviews:  daily edventures and Technology with Intention.  Jared was recently featured for his implementation planning of wireless infrastructure in schools in School Administrator by the School Superintendents Association.

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